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Тести з англійської мови. Словотвір

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Тести з англійської мови. Словотвір
Тести з англійської мови. СловотвірВ наявності
+380 (98) 423-36-28
+380 (98) 423-36-28

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Тести з англійської мови. Словотвір


Пособие "Тесты по английскому языку. Словообразование" включает несколько разделов, в которых рассматриваются префиксальное, суффиксальное словообразование, словосложение и аббревиация. Каждый раздел книги содержит краткий теоретический материал, а также систему упражнений для закрепления полученных навыков их применения. Ключи к упражнениям находятся в конце пособия.


Учебное пособие "Тесты по английскому языку. Словообразование" предназначено для лиц, изучающих английский язык со средним и продвинутым уровнями знаний, а также преподавателям.






This is the third book in the series TESTS IN ENGLISH, following Thematic Vocabulary and Structural Conversion. This book has the aim of testing and by testing, of teaching English word-formation. Mastering By the ability to form new words, one can create from a single root word a family of, sometimes, more than twenty lexical items! It's been shown that ten Latin and two Greek stems (facio. duco, tendo, plico, specio, pono, teneo, fero, mitto, capio; logos, grapho) enter in form or some other into the composition of 2500 English words! Knowing prefixes and suffixes helps one quess the meaning of completely new words, also.


Word-formation is tested in most of the recognised examinations but it is given hardly any attention in the well-known coursebooks. This book is an attempt to fill the gap.




Both testing and teaching are so closely interrelated that it is virtually impossible to work in either field without being constantly concerned with the other. Tests may be constructed primarily as devices to reinforce learning and to motivate the student. They may develop and increase the student's awareness, as well as his stock, structures of English. A well-constructed test will provide the student with an opportunity to show his ability to recognise or to produce the correct forms of the language. Provided that details of his performance are given as soon as possible after the test, the student should be able to learn from his errors and консолідація the pattern taught. In this way a test can be used as a valuable teaching device. (Heaton, 1975:1-2)




The book is intended for intermediate students and advanced. It will, it is hoped, also be useful to teachers of English, if only as a source of test material.

The choice of prefixes and suffixes is based on Hans Marchand, The Categories and Types of Present-Day English Word-Formation (1960, 1969), the most comprehensive review of English word-formation, and their division into groups on Randolph Quirk et al. A Grammar of Contemporary English (1992).




A comprehensive index shows where each field of word-formation can be found. All the prefixes, suffixes and main parts of compounds tested are indexed, so it is usually not difficult to locate quick­ly the material you need.

The more difficult tests are marked with an asterisk (*). Answers to the tests are given in the Key.


The pages with exercises which can be used as photocopiable material are marked on the margin with a COPY" sign.


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